Terms and Conditions:

1.    Tariff depends on the type of transportation and accommodation requested.
2.    Weather conditions, wildlife movements, permission changes are not in our hand,
       sometimes we are forced to change the itinerary, distance or place. But if for some reason
       we cancel the event we will offer different places to roam.
3.    All the refunds are as per the cancellation policy.
4.    Responsibility of all the equipment and materials provided by LIN are with the user of same,
       LIN is not responsible for the loss or damage of any material or equipment.
5.    All the adventure activities are monitored by our guides and we request you to
       strictly follow all the guidelines given by our guides for you own very safety.

Cancellation policy:

1.    Cancellation of Registered Event 10 Days Prior to the Date of Departure 75% refund.
2.    Cancellation of Registered Event 5 Days Prior to the Date of Departure 50% refund.
3.    Cancellation of Registered Event 2 Days Prior to the Date of Departure 25% refund.