Marikamba Temple, Magod Falls & Jenukallu Gudda

Marikamba Temple: Situated in Sirsi , a town in the North Canara (Uttara Kannada) district. It is a hill station & the largest town in North Canara district. The town is surrounded by lush green forest and the region is popular for a large number of waterfalls.

Sonda Matha: The place is the headquarters of the Sodhe Matha, one of the eight Ashta mathas established by Sri Madhvacharya, the famous Dvaita philosopher. The matha at Sodhe village was set up by Swami Sri Vadirajatirtha. The residing deity in the Mutt is Bootharajaru.

Sahasralinga: Is a pilgrimage place in the Sirsi Taluk in the district of Uttara Kannada. It is in the river Shalmala and is famous for around a thousand lingas which are carved on the rocks in the river bank. The name Sahasralinga means thousand-lingas in Sanskrit.

Jenukallu Gudda: Jenu means Honey, Kallu means stone and Gudda means hill. This place is a viewpoint in the Western Ghat, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the hills packed one behind the other.

Magod Falls: Magod Falls is situated in the village of Magodu. Here, the Bedthi river takes two distinct leaps to hurtle from a height of 650 ft. into a rocky ravine. Near the falls, there is a sunset point called Jenu Kallu Gudda where you can see a beautiful view of the sun set.